New Year’s Resolutions 2013: Aims, Goals and Ambition


Yes, this is a little late, but i wrote it on New Year’s day. Since then I have – so far – lived by it, and although the sceptics are waiting in the winds to tell me “Ah, but it’s still January” to which I respond by taking the calendar from them and setting it on fire, until urinating on the inferno while cackling profusely.

I have decided to publish it here to make it impossible to ignore in the coming months. So, to anyone who reads it, you have my permission to post in the comments a link to a you tube video of you pointing and laughing at me IF I should fail to uphold my pledge.

This, then, is my…


Mission Statement


I know that everyday should be taken as an opportunity for change, and that I should not hide behind the veil of tomorrow until people leave me be, to defecate upon myself with further lies of immobile drivel to make myself feel better. So it is without that shield I trudge into the new year and begin my crusade upon my life, changing it to my vision, bending it to my will, because the misguided existence of before has done nothing but allow me to stagnate. This time, there will be no excuses.

This year – 2013 – will be my year, I have waited too long, procrastinated too much, and ultimately made pathetic self-indulgent excuses into nearly everything regarding my dreams and myself for the previous two years. Only toward the end of last year, when I entered – and won! – NaNoWriMo was I fully aware of how I could dedicate myself, how much I could produce when I set my mind to it and actually agree (with myself) to do something. Also what I feel I learned from it, and what I took away (despite my complete lack of dedication and product through December) was that this is really what I want, and the only way I’m going to get it is to write, write as much as I can, write what I want to write, get better, then aim to get better still, write, read, read, write. And always learn as much as I can from the process and from life itself. Indulge in my writing, for it is, for me that I am ultimately writing and will ultimately succeed. So, it is for me I must write. And enjoy it, even the shit and excruciating times that will eventually rear their ugly faces and begin to taunt me. Beat them back with a facade of a smile as I agree, not to agree, with the nagging fear and disagreement that reside within those mire’s of self-doubt and torment. Let them know, no fear, like the writer with the will of steel, and the finger joints of a writing God! This year I will come into my own, I will write as much as I can and I will aim to write EVERYDAY.
There will be times when this may not happen, but if I aim for 365 days in a year and only hit 354, well fuck me! That’s about 300 days more than I succeeded in 2012, so that has got to be progress, and progress can only come from action. So it is with zest and gusto (to quote Bradbury) that I fly into action, stepping on a bomb, and then, begin the arduous and joyful task of building myself back together.


My writing goals;

• Write 500 words (minimum) everyday.
• Always write narrative (a story) rather than a rant.
• Enjoy it more (write for me)
• Learn as much as I can (this will come from reading and writing as much as possible)
• Read a lot
• Read more still
• Finish what I start (be it a short story, novel, screenplay)
• Get at least one piece of work published (paid or not)

Ultimately by the end of 2013 my goal/aim/ambition whatever you wish to call it, is to be a better writer than I am now (hopefully by a long way) and to have an assortment (preferably large) of finished works.



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