Terriblemds Flash Fition Challenge: Five Random Words

This week: Five Random Words.

Mine were (in order):


The Result:


‘Digby, come quickly, look’
Digby walked over to his fiancée; her auburn hair shining like a flame as the sunlight illuminated her across the shop
‘What is it darling?’
‘Look’ she said pointing through the glass
‘Digby followed her finger; it indicated a set of ear-rings
‘Aren’t they beautiful Digby?’
He took in her smile; it was like a sunset over the Mediterranean sea.
Digby and Felicity looked up to see a, tall yet lithe, man. His face was smug, accentuated by the pencil moustache that stuck to his upper lip like an over-zealous sip of coffee. His name tag read: François
‘I thought they were pearl’ said Felicity
‘No, they’re Topaz’ he said ‘a much rarer, and dare I say prettier, stone’
‘What do you think Digby?’ said Felicity
Digby thought how much more palatable François might be; if he had his frontal lobe smashed by a heavy blunt object.
‘I think they would compliment, but never compete for your beauty’
‘Awww’ she kissed him on the cheek.
François raised an eyebrow, and cleared his throat
‘Would madam like to try them on?’ he asked.
Felicity looked at Digby
‘Go ahead babe’ he said.


Digby sat on the toilet. The lid was down, and he was there for no purpose that a toilet was invented.
He looked toward the bath tub; it was full of a clear liquid, like a bath devoid of bubbles. His white shirt was spotted with large patches of pink; he had his sleeves rolled up. He took a sip of beer as he studied the stretched out on the white tiled floor.
Digby smiled, enjoying his handy-work; the lifeless body of a young blonde, hers eyes blue, once full of promise, but now they were like an amateur painting, devoid of soul and life. He knocked back the beer and placed the empty bottle on the sink. This was the part he hated most: disposing of his art, but he acknowledged that in order for him to continue, there had to be no evidence.
Digby got to his feet, and picked the limp body up off the floor. He lowered it into the bath; being careful not to splash or touch the liquid. The body began to fizz as the water bubbled. He had to admit, the smell of hydrochloric acid and fresh blood gave him a semi.


‘Now dear, don’t you pay my father no mind, no one is good enough for his little girl, but he’ll come around’ said Felicity
Digby smiled and said ‘It’d take Lucifer himself to scare me away from you’
She blushed, just as they arrived before her parents.
‘Felicity dear, you look flustered’
‘I’m quite alright mother’ she said
‘Ah, this must be Dingbat’ said her father
‘Daddy, it’s Digby’ she harped
‘Yes well, I prefer my version’ he said
Digby smiled; he knew deep down that he would laugh last; he always did.
‘Where are your parents Digby?’ asked Felicity’s mother
‘Mother’ harped Felicity
‘What?’ her hands went up in defence of her question
‘The man is going to marry my daughter, I simply enquired as to his parents whereabouts?’
‘Now Mother – ’
‘It’s quite alright Felicity’ interjected Digby ‘my parents died when I was just a child’ he said addressing Felicity’s Mother ‘I’m an orphan’


He stood in the shadow of an oak-tree, listening to the mumbles of the reverend. The casket looked exquisite as they lowered it into the ground.
Digby always enjoyed watching the families mourn. He found it amusing and ironic that if they had seen his work; they would be applauding her sacrifice, not grieving over a life which achieved more in its final moments than most could achieve in a lifetime.
Digby gazed on all faces in the crowed; from the old lady in the wheelchair to the small boy with the lollipop; nearly a lifetime stood between them, but it was all irrelevant.
None of them knew when it would come, the old lady could attend the child’s funeral; life was wonderful in that way at times.
What would they think, how would they feel, if they knew just how close they all were, to death.

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