Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge: Picking Uncommon Apples

This weeks challenge can be found here

We had to pick, three, from a list of uncommon apples.

Mine were

  1. Rosemary Russet
  2. VonZuccalimaglios Reinette
  3. Lacy

And this is where i went with it, i give you


Golden Delicious



“Coming, Mr Tobin” she replied, struggling through the door with a large wooden bowl.

“Where have you been girl” he growled

“Washing the tankards” she placed the wooden bowl on a lower shelf behind the bar.

Tobin muttered something to himself, and strode through the door from which Lacy came. She began to dry the tankards. The noise of the tavern was so familiar, she failed to notice the man approaching the bar.

“Hello child”

Lacy looked up; the accent had taken her aback, but the image of the man made her gasp: He was tall, even without the top hat; he was the tallest man she had ever seen. His skin was a reddish-brown, and his elaborate moustache curled at the ends.

“Do not be alarmed” the man smiled; it was warm, but she noted his cold, cobalt eyes did not match. “May I speak wiv zee Innkeep?”

Lacy did not know what to say; she nodded, and quickly made off through the door behind the bar. A moment later Tobin came through it, with Lacy in tow. Agitated by the disturbance he frowned at the eccentric man with the cape, towering over the bar.

“Can I help you sir?” he grumbled

“Guten Tag, my name is VonZuccalimaglios Reinette” he maintained the same smile “I am searching for an old friend: a lady” he reached inside his coat and withdrew a photo, and handed it to Tobin. Lacy caught sight of the very old picture; her eyes widened as Tobin said “that’s Rosemary Russet.”


Lacy banged on the wooden door; the rain was fine but constant, the kind that looks tolerable, but soaks you through. The door opened, and Lacy rushed in.

“Rose!”  she yelled, gasping for air.

“What is it?” snapped Rose.

“There…There’s a man” she stammered, trying to catch her breath.

“Shhh” Rose wrapped a woollen blanket round her, and said “slow down, catch your breath”

After filling her lungs with air for a minute, Lacy began again “There’s a man at the Tavern, he’s looking for you”

Rose squinted at her “go, on”

“He had a picture” she said “it looked very old” she seemed confused by the image. She looked up at Rose, studying her “but it looked exactly like you now”

Calmly, Rose asked “what was his name?”

“Va…Van…Von” she said, trying to remember

“VonZuccalimaglios” said Rose

Lacy nodded, her eyes wide with the memory. Rose grabbed her arms on either side “Lacy, listen to me” she said with graveness in her voice “you need to return to the Inn, and go about your duties”


“Don’t fret over me, go, now”

As Lacy turned reluctantly the room fell into darkness; all the candles had extinguished, as though the October winds had entered the house. Rose looked round; to the window, where only an instant before the wind was howling. The air was still, as though the world had stopped turning. Rose ushered Lacy behind her: their backs to the fireplace; they faced the door. It swung open, and the world turned once more; the rain lashed down, and the wind began to wail. Standing on the threshold was VonZuccalimaglios.

“Ah” he said with an eerie joy in his voice “your papa is looking for you child.” He was speaking to Lacy; barely visible behind Rose.

“Your business is with me Reinette” said Rose

“Dah, and how long has it been my sweet” he said “one, two, three hundred years?”

“Not long enough” replied Rose

He smiled; his tombstone-like teeth, to big for his mouth, were accentuated by the gap between the front two. He said “for the past five-hundred years, I’ve been happiest when pursuing you”

“And like last time; I’ll send you back where you belong”

“My dear Rosemary, as stubborn as ever. You are the last of your kind; you should not exist”

The moon was the only source of light in the room, illuminating them both in a wash of silver. Time stood still; Lacy stared in awe, her stomach knotting with anticipation.

“Vell, shall ve get this over with?” asked Reinette

The first movement was slight: his cape twitched. Rose outstretched her arm, and twisted it as though grasping something from the air. She span round, and threw the contents of her palm into the fireplace. There was a flash of blue light, and Lacy was thrust backward into the flames, with Rose on top of her.


The room was dark again. Reinette was alone. Rose and the girl had disappeared through the fireplace. He took a deep breath; the sweet scent of singed apples filled his nostrils. He ran his tongue along his teeth, and said “Delicious.”


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