Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge: ABC meets XYZ!

This week at Terribleminds we were given twenty different pop-culture properties, and had to mash two of them up like the base of an Old Fashioned (If you got that, you drink to much – I salute you, writer, or Irishman)

So, I used the Random Generator and was gifted with Batman and Planet of the Apes.

It’s predominantly Batman, with aspects of Planet of the Apes, but I tried to do something a little different with it…Don’t know how well that’ll come across, but here it is

Reap What You Sapien

“Hurry it up Bogdan, the Boss will not like it if we’re late”
“Alright, I’m coming, I’m coming”
Bogdan’s paws push against the thick cast iron bars as he rolls a cage out of the warehouse toward the white van where Dimitri stands.
“Hey Dimitri, look” Bogdan raps a wooden stick across the cage. The skinless lithe creature within huddles in the corner; its knees pulled against its chest. Bogdan cackles, a squeaky, high pitched wheeze of a laugh.
“Leave the Sapien be, Bogdan” barks Dimitri
Bogdan slumps his thin shoulders, and scratches his whiskers.
“What does the Boss want with this vermin anyway?”
Dimitri shoots him a look, teeth peering slightly from the corners of his snout.
“What the Boss wants is none of our concern.”
Bogdan smiles.
“What?” asks Dimitri with a glare
“You don’t know, do you” chuckles Bogdan
“Of course I know!”
“Well, tell me then”
Dimitri scowls at Bogdan, he squeaks in detest, but ultimately succumbs to the pressure of accusation.
“It” he gestures to the cage “Is a gift to the Emperor”
“The Penguin?” asks Bogdan
“Yeah, the Penguin” Dimitri answers “Apparently his collection requires a Sapien”
Bogdan shakes his head “We’re the Mob, why are we doing business with that waddling fool?”
Dimitri shrugs as he helps pull the cage toward the van “The Emperor is very wealthy, the Boss has his reasons” In the obliviousness of their conversation, they fail to note the impending shadow; a thud draws their attention.
“It’s…” Bogdan stammers “him!”
two bright eyes scowl from the darkness.
Dimitri reaches inside his jacket, a flash of nickel returns with his paw, promising pain.
A flash of yellow comes hurtling out of the darkness; Dimitri yelps, dropping his gun. He looks down at the cause; his hand is covered with a soft flesh, jaundice in colour, then he sees it; bright yellow, curved, and promising potassium.
“What the – ”
“Dimitri, look out!”
“huh?” Dimitri looks up, his eyes widen, shock, and disbelief fight for representation in his iris. Four knuckles override them both
“Dimitri!” Bogdan yells, watching his comrade drop like his spine had dissolved. The bright eyes turn on him. Bogdan fumbles for his gun; his nerves are pulsing like he stuck a butter knife in a socket. He stumbles back as the figure approaches.
“Ya…ya…your an Ape”
The figure reaches behind him, and brings forth a handful of black fur, it looks like a snake in the darkness. “Ape’s don’t have tails” it says in a husky voice that sends shivers down Bogdan’s furry spine. He fumbles inside his leather jacket, in search of defence.
“Don’t do it” the husky voice speaks once more, unnervingly calm.
Bogdan pants, his pink tongue protruding through his lower canines. He squints into the darkness before him; a thousand years of evolution have lessened his night vision, but enough remains to define the face: A tuft of hair sticks upwards, nectar coloured eyes pierce from beneath a single, thick skin brow, a long flat strip of black, with two slanted slits in the middle, before it breaks, sudden, from inky blackness to fleshy pink tones, the chin is the bare skin of…
“Sapien” Bogdan mouths through hush tones. The amber eyes narrow, as a smile spreads across the mismatched mouth. “Shimples” the husky voice mocks before a fist of shadow puts Bogdan to sleep. Standing over the furry mobster, the shadow figure turns his amber eyes on the cage and its, furless, fleshy contents.
He crushes the padlock with a squeeze of his hand. “You’re free to go” he turns to walk, but pauses from what his ears relay “Thank you.”
He turns back, studying the cage and its tenant with suspicion.
“You talk?”
The Sapien nods in response, his grubby exterior belies his eyes; the figure notes: they are not defeated and devoid like so many others. This one has the shimmer of something, of life, of knowledge, of intelligence.
“You’re different” the husky voice hides its intrigue, speaks more in statement.
“I’m not from here” says the Sapien “my ship crashed here, wherever here is”
The amber eyes narrow as they study this conundrum of a creature. Then he turns to walk
Without turning back the shadow replies “What?”
“Can I come with you?”
“But” he looks at the ground, solemn “We’re the same”
Finally the figure turns, the amber spheres hone in on him “How so?”
“You’re Human, just like me” he gestures toward the two sprawled out creatures before him “though somehow, Meerkats have become a more dominant species”
The figure says nothing, merely cocks it’s head, intrigued. The Sapien responds to the look like a question “I was a scientist where I came from, Biologist to be exact, I know animals, and beneath that suit, you’re as human as me.”
“Fine, what?”
“You can come with me”
The Sapien smiles and says “thank you” extending a hand. The figure studies it, like faeces on a doorstep. The Sapien withdraws it after several minutes of awkwardness.
“So, what do I call you?” he asks “Macaque?”
The amber eyes narrow to a scowl, before he turns on a heel. The Sapien follows, silent, but bursting with words.
“I think you should be called the Great Macaque” he says after several miles of silence. The husky voice replies with frustration “If you have to call me anything, let it be what those who fear me have named me”
After a few minutes of silence, the apprehension gets the better of the Sapien
“Which is?”
“Macaque Man”
The Sapien nods in approval, as he mulls it over. “That’s apt” he says. A mile later and Macaque Man surprises the Sapien
“You have a name?”
Taken aback, it takes a minute to reply “Grayson” he says “Dick Grayson”

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